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Contemporary New Zealand Silver from the Collection of the James Wallace Arts Trust

19 December 2004 - 19 December 2004

In 1995 notable Auckland collector James Wallace commissioned a large sterling silver table service from the then Auckland-based silversmith, Peter Woods. The Wallace Service comprises over 130 pieces of cutlery, functional and decorative objects. The centerpiece, which is over a metre long, is an illuminated three dimensional representation of Auckland and the Waitemata Harbour including the city foreshore, the Customs House, Rangitoto Island and the Harbour Bridge.

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The Jar Known as Pinchmetight

19 December 2004 - 19 December 2004

The Jar Known as Pinchmetight is an installation of works from the collection of maker Denis O'Connor. These works are shards from pots that did not survive the rigours of the firing process. Placed in a museum case, these works that in one sense ‘did not work' - but ‘do work' as beautiful and informative objects - contest the idea of works being ‘of museum quality', an accolade bestowed on the most accomplished of works.

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Levi Borgstrom

19 September 2004 - 19 September 2004

Levi Borgstrom's entry in the 1986 edition of The Craft Hunters Guide - written by Fiona Thompson and Len Castle - is to the point; it simply says "Maker of spoons of distinction". Borgstrom was a maker who made just one type of object, hand carved wooden spoons. His lifetime's experience as a wood carver and whittler, his single focus as a maker and the traditional knowledge of earlier generations all converge in these spoons to make them works of great presence.

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