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Robinson Crusoe Syndrome

14 December 2005 - 28 January 2006

In an installation that includes books, ceramics and furniture from a number of centuries John Perry's collection explores the Robinson Crusoe Syndrome.

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Cabinet Of Curiosities

01 November 2005 - 26 November 2005

To accompany Au revoir Marilyn Saint a Cabinet of Curiosities has been installed. Marilyn Sainty has filled the display cabinet with a selection of curiosities from her work space. These curiosities include bolts of fabric, swatches, photographs, invitations, labels, buttons, cards and postcards, drawings which as an assemblage, gives clues about this designers inspiration and the texture of that inspiration.

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Cosy Times

06 September 2005 - 22 October 2005

Rosemary McLeod's book Thrift to Fantasy: Home Textile Crafts of the 1930s-1950s which celebrates domestic handcraft and the spirit of 'making do' has been a 2005 best seller. A selection of Rosemary's own collection of tea cosies made from materials ranging from wool to kangaroo skin features in the vault.

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Hey Tiki

14 June 2005 - 03 September 2005

This collection of 'tiki' and 'tiki inspired' objects is one of the collections belonging to distinguished curator, collector and writer Mick Pendergrast, author of numerous publications about Maori fibre.

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Pates Pottery

29 March 2005 - 14 May 2005

"Something colourful, cheerful and frivolous" is how writer John Davenport has described Pates Pottery. Benjamin Chow's collection demonstrates this sentiment perfectly in his extravagant vault display of Pates ceramics.

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Seventeen Years' Work

01 February 2005 - 26 March 2005

David Trubridge is one of New Zealand's best-known designers of contemporary furniture. His maquettes, or working models, were built as part of his design process and as a collection offers an insight into the artist's creative thinking.

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