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Main Gallery

  • Formunculae: Numbers One to Eleven

    Maker: Tony Bond
    Materials: ceramic, wood, enamel paint, installation works
    Courtesy of the artist
  • Chicken & pig figurines

    Maker: Unknown
    Materials: low fired, multi-coloured, glazed slip ware
    Courtesy Private Collection, Auckland
  • Retroware & Tiki wares

    Maker: Studio Ceramics
    Materials: slipcast semi-vitreous porcelain
    Courtesy of Studio Ceramics, Auckland
  • Guggenheim egg cup, Tange sauce boat & Utzon salad bowl

    Maker: Anthologie Quartet
    Materials: slipcast, glazed, high fired white clay, decorative domestic ware
    Courtesy Indice, Auckland
  • Ceramic blades, crucibles, filters, insulation devices and wear tiles plates used within the steel, glass, electrical and wood fire industries

    Maker: Certec
    Materials: hand thrown, mid and high technological ceramic processing
    Courtesy of Certec Ltd, Auckland
  • Traditional Chinese manufactured domestic teapots

    Maker: Unknown
    Materials: handcrafted unglazed earthenware
    Courtesy Private Collection, Auckland
  • Endure Your Destiny

    Maker: Clare McLean
    Materials: slipcast multiple forms, individually altered installation works
    Courtesy of the artist
  • Untitled (Black Bottle series)

    Maker: Lauren Winstone
    Materials: hand thrown, manipulated forms
    Courtesy of the artist
  • Face Cups

    Maker: unknown
    Materials: hand thrown, altered stoneware and earthenware
    Courtesy Simon Manchester Collection, Wellington
  • Swedish designer tableware

    Maker: Hoganas
    Materials: Industrially produced stoneware
    Courtesy of Galtons of Parnell, Auckland
  • Domestic tableware

    Maker: Rachel Carter
    Materials: hand thrown, glazed porcelain
    Courtesy of the artist
  • Temuka and various Australian Manufacturers

    Maker: Unknown
    Materials: industrially produced, cast, high fired glazed ceramics
    Courtesy Christopher Braddock & John Parker Collections, Auckland
  • Brick, Sponge, Stone & Polystyrene Teapots

    Maker: Peter Lange
    Materials: slipcast components hand assembled, high fired and produced in a limited edition
    Courtesy Private Collections, Auckland
  • German Designer Tableware

    Maker: Villeroy and Boch
    Materials: industrially produced porcelain
    Courtesy Galtons of Parnell, Auckland
  • Specialist ceramic components used in smelting of aluminium, copper and stainless steel

    Maker: Pyrotek
    Courtesy of Pyrotek Products Ltd, Auckland
  • Domestic tableware

    Maker: Chris Weaver
    Materials: hand thrown, altered, high fired stoneware and porcelain
    Courtesy Private Collections, Auckland
  • Tokis & Gorgettes

    Maker: Simon Gamble
    Materials: broken, cut and ground Crown Lynn tableware suspended from waxed braided cord
    Courtesy of the artist
  • Italian manufactured mortuary ware

    Maker: Aro Memorials
    Materials: photo ceramics on white clay
    Courtesy Aro Memorials, Auckland
  • Designer tableware

    Maker: Rachel Carley
    Materials: slip cast, earthenware ceramics, manufactured by Hall's Industries, Auckland
    Courtesy of the artist
  • Traditional Afghan bowls

    Maker: unknown
    Materials: unique, handmade and decorated low fired earthenware
    Courtesy Trilby Walker & Private Collections, Auckland
  • Domestic and decorative ware

    Maker: Chester Nealie
    Materials: hand thrown, altered stoneware, often subject to multiple Anagama firings
    Courtesy Private Collections, Auckland
  • Ceramic hip replacement implants

    Maker: Ceramtec
    Materials: fourth Generation ceramics - BIOLOX delta
    Courtesy Zimmer New Zealand Ltd
  • Mao Tse-Tung figurines and busts

    Maker: John Parker
    Materials: slipcast, mid-fired white clay
    Courtesy John Parker Collection, Auckland
  • Decorative Orbs

    Maker: Peter Collis
    Materials: hand thrown, glazed, mid-fired white clay
    Courtesy of Peter Collis, Auckland
  • Finnish designer tableware

    Maker: Tonfisk
    Materials: handmade porcelain, walnut, cork
    Courtesy Galtons of Parnell, Auckland
  • Domestic and decorative ware

    Maker: Ross Mitchell-Anyon
    Materials: hand thrown, wood-fired stoneware
    Courtesy Private Collections, Auckland
  • Installation view

  • Ampersand

    Maker: Peter Lange
    Materials: individually made using commercial bricks, grouting, industrial adhesive & steel reinforcing
    Courtesy Private Collection, Auckland
  • Installation view

  • Children' toilet pans

    Maker: Caroma
    Materials: industrially produced sanitary ware
    Courtesy Burrell Demolition, Auckland

Clay Economies

02 August 2008 - 30 August 2008

Richard Fahey

By taking a long view of the social life of clay commodities, Clay Economies intends to open up different considerations of contemporary ceramics. Implicit in this undertaking is the assumption that the potentiality of future ceramic production becomes apparent when we recognise the complex but specific mechanisms that regulate taste, trade and desire. 

The works in Clay Economies traverse the industrially mass produced and the handcrafted; the ornamental and the utilitarian; the authored and the anonymous; the high and low status; the visible and the barely acknowledged. By assembling such a diversity of works the intent is to expand our understanding of contemporary ceramic practice by considering the multiplicity of ceramic production and consumption that exists beyond the narrow confines of studio pottery.
Coinciding with the Clay Economies exhibition is the launch of the Clay Economies publication. A critical anthology of essays by Dr David Craig, Moyra Elliott, Richard Fahey & Dr Christopher Thompson, Clay Economies addresses ceramics as a significant form of local cultural production. Clay Economies is published by 6 Point Press with the assistance of Creative New Zealand, Objectspace & Unitec.

The 72 page Clay Economies publication is available as a free download or for $25 from Objectspace and Parsons Books. Contact us if you are interested in purchasing a copy.