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Main Gallery

  • Price of change / Precio de cambio 2011

    Maker: Matthew Wilson (New Zealand)
    Materials: Found coins
  • A Handful of Luck / Un puñado de suerte 2011

    Maker: Ilse-Marie Erl (New Zealand)
    Materials: pure silver, sterling silver, nylon, seed pearls
  • Ako Marama / Enlightenment / La Ilustración 2011

    Maker: Gina Ropiha (New Zealand)
    Materials: porcelain, bone and English pine
  • Project Ekeko 2011

    Maker: Angela Cura Mendes (Chile)
    Materials: copper
  • Independence Charms for Preschoolers / Encantos de la Independencia para niños en edad preescolar 2011

    Maker: Kathryn Yeats (New Zealand)
    Materials: recycled wool blanket, thread, brass and enamel paint
  • Brooch from ‘Host A Brooch' / Broche de ‘Ofrece un broche’ 2011

    Maker: Jacqui Chan (New Zealand)
    Materials: cable, silver
  • Arohanui (much love) for the whanau of Rapaki / Mucho amor por la comunidad de Rapaki 2011

    Maker: Areta Wilkinson (New Zealand)
    Materials: satin, varied supermarket packaging, plastic bucket
  • Jacqui Chan_brooch in action 18.JPG

  • ‘The harder I work, the luckier I get’ / "Cuanto más trabajo, más suerte tengo" 2011

    Maker: Blanche Tilden (Australia)
    Materials: 750 gold, oxidised 925 silver, hardened steel file


11 May 2013 - 08 June 2013


An inspiring exhibition of modern charms designed to be of service to the wearer. Twenty one jewellers from Australia, New Zealand and Chile have created objects that have the potential to change our lives. Each jeweller has created a work, which relates specifically to their world and whose function is activated by the wearer. The exhibition at Objectspace includes documentation of how the jewellery has been used; there are videos, diaries, and drawings. The touring exhibition will travel from Australia to Objectspace and then across the Pacific to Latin America where more jewellers will also participate in the project.