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  • Installation image

    Maker: Jamin Vollebreght
    Courtesy of the artist

Re(ady) Made Installation

23 July 2005 - 17 September 2005

Re(ady) Made: A Sustainability Primer looks at the question of sustainability through the idea of reuse (the readymade), and recycling. This installation uses found objects and a recycled plastic manufactured by Pacific Plastics Limited, Otaki, to explore the ways in which industrial design often relies on unsustainable practices. Re(ady) Made proposes a cycle of resource use as an example of the possibilities if industrial designers think about the larger context of their activities.

Step One: The common plastic bag, scourge of environmentalists, is recycled into plastic sheeting.

Step Two: The plastic sheet undergoes testing to discover its material characteristics. (The result of this experiment echoes Vladimir Tatlin's Corner Counter Reliefs, part of Russian Constructivism's interest in merging art and industry.)

Step Three: The material is designed as a container that uses a plastic bag to form the lining. This might be a receptacle for used plastic bags, and so the cycle continues.

Jamin Vollebregt